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SEO Translation Polish

As an agency for SEO translations in Polish, we support you in your SEO strategy with regard to internationalization in the Polish-speaking world. We do not rely on a literal translation of the content, but take into account the local requirements of the Polish language. With MONDIS, your content will be properly noticed in the Polish-speaking world.

Polish language

What are the challenges of SEO translations in Polish?

Due to the changeable history of the country, the people of Poland are among those who have had a considerable influence on settlement, especially in Eastern Europe. The Polish language area is correspondingly large and is by no means limited to the country’s own borders. As a recognised minority or regional language, Polish is spoken in Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, among other places. A total of around 55 million people worldwide speak Polish, which is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. After Russian, Polish is the Slavic language with the second largest number of speakers. For the topic of “SEO” and online marketing, the Polish language thus holds great challenges, because the target groups with Polish language have strong regional and geographical differences. SEO translations in Polish must take local requirements into account and be tailored to customer needs.

Localize Polish SEO Texts

The use of the Polish language in numerous European countries and the large number of Polish-speaking people are indicative of its particularly high status, but this means that special localisation of texts is necessary. In the context of a translation, it must be considered that the customers are not only located within the country itself and thus other languages have had an influence on the use of Polish. Keywords or the use of terminology can differ from country to country and thus a target-oriented translation into Polish requires a special knowledge of the market, which can usually only be guaranteed by native speakers. In addition to the territorially historical spread of the Polish language, emigrants have also brought it to Germany, Great Britain and France. Poles make up the largest minority in the Scandinavian countries of Iceland and Norway, and the third largest in Sweden. For an SEO translation in Polish, it is crucial for which target market the respective content is to be created.

Polish SEO Translations

What are the peculiarities of the Polish language?

  • Polish Alphabet: The Polish alphabet consists of a total of 32 letters. Of these, 23 are consonants and nine are vowels.
  • Slavic language with Latin letters: Unlike several other Slavic languages such as Russian, the Polish language and script is written in Latin letters.
  • Polish without q, v and x: In Polish, q, v and x do not occur.
  • Nine Polish letters: Polish has nine letters of its own. The letters “ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź and ż” find a correct application only here.
  • Diagraphs: In Polish there are the so-called diagraphs. These are two consecutive letters: “ch, cz, dz, dź, dż, rz and sz”.
  • Trigraphs: In the Polish language, a trigraph is used: “dzi”. 
  • Stress: The stress in pronunciation is on the last syllable. As in many other languages, there are exceptions in Polish.
  • 7 cases: There are seven cases in the grammar of the Polish language: The nominative, the genitive, the dative and the accusative also exist in the German language. These are extended by the instrumental, the locative and the vocative.
  • 3 Genders: As in German, there are three genders in Polish.

Keyword Research for Polish

What to search for in countries with Polish language?

The art of a very good SEO translation lies in the subtleties of language. In consultation with the customer, the target markets are precisely defined, outlining local sectors for which the content is to be created. The basis for the creation of the texts is a comprehensive keyword research to identify all relevant terms. Life the local aspects of the different countries in which the Polish language is used, it can also be dialects, which can decisively influence a search. In Poland itself there are several dialects with relevance: The Greater Polish dialect (dialekt wielkopolski), the Lesser Polish dialect (dialekt małopolski), the Mazovian dialect (dialekt mazowiecki), the Silesian dialect (dialekt śląski) and the Kashubian language. Especially in Silesia or Kashubia, the use of dialects is of great importance for cultural identification. This must be reflected in the research and texts.

Which search engine is relevant for Polish?

In Poland, Google has almost a unique selling point as a search engine with a market share of 98%. Only 0.6% of search queries are made via Bing and 0.5% via Yahoo! Thus, the search work is mainly focused on the search engine giant from the USA. In Poland, and are of great importance. As a company, these websites can also be considered for a comprehensive online presence. In order to create the customer-oriented content for this, it is worth investing in an SEO translation. Taking into account the local aspects, a perfect interaction between the own website, corporate videos as well as social media is created. This strengthens the market presence and brand awareness in previously untapped target markets in Polish. The importance of marketplaces such as, which is a hybrid of Amazon and eBay, is not insignificant.

Polish language

The most important words for communication in Polish

CześćHello / Bye
Tak / nieYes / No
DziękujęThank you
Jak leci?How are you?
Na zdrowie!Cheers!
Do widzenia!Goodbye!

E-commerce in Poland

Online marketing and search engine optimization in Poland

Poland is a growth market and still offers numerous opportunities for innovative ideas and companies. The e-commerce business has seen significant growth in recent years. In Poland itself, 83 % of people have access to the Internet and 72 % of Polish Internet users purchase their goods primarily from online shops. In total, the country itself has a sales market with 28 million potential buyers. The target group with the greatest affinity for the Internet is aged between 32 and 49, and 32 % of buyers live in large Polish cities, which means that there is an excellent infrastructure for sales. 

E-commerce & Customer Behavior in Poland

For Polish Internet users, the main factor is that the price online is significantly lower than in bricks-and-mortar stores. A large proportion of customers consider purchases from the Internet because it is a convenient form of ordering and no opening hours are relevant to the timing of the purchase. In addition to traditional delivery, there is another interesting shipping method in Poland in the form of the “Paczkomat”. This parcel machine allows flexible collection by the customer. As far as payment methods are concerned, instant bank transfer is the most popular. Cash on delivery, the classic bank transfer and credit cards have almost the same status in Poland. Polish customers are particularly annoyed by excessively long waiting times for delivery, excessively high delivery costs and intrusive advertising such as retargeting. 

Tips for Polish SEO Translations

What are the tips for very good Polish SEO translations?

  • When doing keyword research, consider the different target markets that could be considered for a Polish content.
  • Conduct extensive keyword research in the target market to identify local differences. 
  • If you are planning with different target markets such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic or Slovakia, texts and SEO translations should be specially optimized for these.
  • Rely on experienced agencies with native speakers for the target market. Polish has its subtleties that can build fundamental trust. 
  • In the Polish language, a translation according to meaning is a good way to translate existing content. Even one wrong ending can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Therefore, experts should be responsible for the creation of the translations. 
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