Website relaunch for Volkswagen

When we relaunch a website, we work together with the customer as part of a continuous process. Given the increasingly sophisticated nature of online marketing, factors such as user experience are becoming ever more integral to success. For global businesses like Volkswagen, international SEO also plays an increasingly important role in the design of a website.

Website relaunch for Volkswagen: a glimpse at the redesigned Car-Net microsite, which MONDIS was responsible for rolling out internationally.

Our task: optimization of the Volkswagen Car-Net microsite

Volkswagen’s Car-Net service enables a number of key vehicle functions to be accessed via app. As a first step, we analyzed the existing portal of these online services with regard to presentation and content. As we did so, we sought to explore all possibilities for optimizing the website, paying particular attention to user navigation and SEO. Another challenge was to consider the special technical framework conditions. This included special VW templates and content management via the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). 

Our solution: redesigning the website and restructuring the content

Volkswagen uses the Car-Net microsite to provide its customers with comprehensive information about services and apps. Since the site is intended to offer VW customers a very high ease of use, our focus lay particularly on creating an appealing user experience. As such, when it came to the relaunch, we began by analyzing all existing user journeys and optimizing the navigational structure based on the results. In addition, the entire website underwent a comprehensive SEO analysis and recommendations for action were derived, including in relation to international SEO. Search engine-optimized maintenance of all content in the content management system was carried out for all relevant countries and languages.

The result: leveraging the power of SEO for greater usability

As a result of our measures, user navigation was significantly improved, yielding a noticeably higher conversion rate. The relaunched microsite was also also generally more successful at generating user interaction, while our on-page search engine optimization improved the external findability of the website. Since the platform was required to go live quickly across a number of target markets, a smooth rollout was particularly important. We were able to guarantee this through optimization of the master content.