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International SEO Workshops

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International SEO workshops from MONDIS deliver practical online marketing expertise to your business, enabling you to equip your internal resources optimally for the challenges of international SEO. Working in a modular fashion and in line with your requirements, we develop bespoke SEO training sessions – face-to-face at your premises or as an anytime/anywhere online meeting.

„Fostering SEO know-how in your organization can be a critical factor for success. Increase your SEO success in the long term and divide all SEO responsibilities meaningfully among internal and external resources. ”

Torsten Reinfurth
Senior Consultant, MONDIS
International SEO workshops

Individually tailored for your business

Boost your business with SEO expertise

Perhaps you simply want to learn more about SEO. Alternatively, maybe you want to sustainably improve the performance of an international website, inject fresh momentum into your online marketing team or develop your international SEO skill base. Whatever your goal, our bespoke international SEO workshops deliver just the knowledge your business needs – from training on SEO basics to customized, intensive expert seminars. We’ll boost your business with essential know-how and teach you to deploy key SEO tools, leaving you well placed to achieve success with your international website.

The benefits of an international SEO workshop

Most businesses want to be found by more than just savvy domestic users: they also want to reach potential target groups and connect with new visitors and customers abroad. The hard-won position of ‘local hero’ in the home market is often no longer enough; rather, international expansion is required for a business to hold its own among the competition long-term. Crucially, businesses who want to successfully promote themselves to ‘global players’ with their products and services require an international website. This is the only way to achieve favorable rankings on all relevant search engines. Are you looking to build an international web presence or a globally active e-commerce shop? If so, the transfer of in-depth SEO know-how to your organization is vital to ensure smooth set-up and operation. International SEO workshops from MONDIS deliver exactly the knowledge your organization needs, empowering you to address future SEO challenges with your own resources.

Immerse yourself in SEO as an ongoing task for your business…

International search engine optimization is a continuous process. It requires ongoing oversight and is never ‘finished’. In order to rise to the challenge, it’s important keep yourself and your employees ‘SEO-fit’ by participating in professional SEO workshops. If you’ve previously had an SEO audit conducted by an SEO agency or invested in professional SEO optimization, it can make sense to develop corresponding SEO expertise within your organization by taking advantage of opportunities for SEO training. SEO workshops build professional SEO know-how within your team. As a result, in the future, your team will be equipped to completely or partially handle many online marketing tasks themselves .

…or get started by creating a basic framework

In the first instance, you might focus on instilling the basic building blocks of SEO know-how in the part of the business that functions as your internal interface to an agency. This alone is sufficient to build interdisciplinary expertise within your organization and help you work more efficiently. Indeed, in view of the growing shortage of skilled workers (in online marketing in particular), it can often be more effective to invest in training appropriate internal resources than to pursue expensive, lengthy external recruitment processes.

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White paper

Is translation alone enough to achieve effective positioning for your international website?

In this white paper, we explain why keyword research is essential to allow you to be found online by target groups worldwide.

International SEO keyword research
Empower your in-house resources

SEO seminars deliver practical know-how to your teams

The attention of your target groups can only be won online if they can find your products and services easily via Google & co. – preferably as one of the first hits on the search engine results page (SERP). It is organic search (i.e. SEO), not expensive Google Ads advertising, that is the most cost-effective way to achieve this. Our SEO seminars will show you how to do it with your internal resources alone.

Our seminars teach you and your team what really counts in regard to SEO optimization on your website and what you can do from day to day to improve your SEO rankings. Depending on your needs, our SEO workshops can cover a broad range of material – from on-page to off-page measures and everything in between. We can teach you how to identify the right keywords, to adapt your content to achieve desirable rankings in Google and other search engines, and to structure a website optimally for man and machine. Other areas of focus, such as technical SEO basics or targeted user training for SEO tools, can be incorporated as desired.

Conduct SEO training face-to-face or online

Of course, engagement with SEO topics should not only occur as part of a face-to-face (or online) exchange within an SEO seminar. Crucially, the acquired practical knowledge should remain and grow in the company afterwards; only in this way can SEO workshops facilitate lasting success. Generally, we conduct our SEO training events according to your specific wishes: either in person at your premises or as an online meeting via Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams or similar. Thanks to the flexibility of online meetings, international teams around the world are able to participate in our seminars together. Mixed formats can also be accommodated, with some participants attending in person at your (or our) premises and others joining online from different technical departments or national subsidiaries. We design our international SEO workshops to cater optimally to your requirements in terms of time and location.

Businesses must be up-to-date on international SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) are the two complementary pillars of online marketing. It should be noted, however, that their foundations and requirements are constantly in flux. For one thing, search engines are constantly updating their bots – and with them, the conditions that determine the ranking of a website in the search results. As a result, SEO activities must constantly adapt to these moving goalposts. Particularly in an international context, this ongoing need for change presents companies with new and unfamiliar challenges. SEO is complex enough with only one country in the mix; in an international context, all content must be kept up-to-date in all target markets at the same time, a mammoth task for international businesses. Despite the scale of the challenge, it can be effectively met by seeking targeted support in the form of international SEO workshops. When held on a periodic basis, these workshops allow you to expand your in-house SEO expertise and ensure that it stays up-to-date.

SEO workshops by international experts

Accessible content, clearly delivered

MONDIS maintains a global online marketing network and is able to draw flexibly on the local expertise of SEO specialists in global target markets. As such, our SEO workshops and training courses can be tailored precisely to the markets, countries and languages in which your business operates. In terms of content and method of delivery, we prepare our training activities in exactly the way that suits your business best.

Our international SEO workshops teach you everything you need to know about SEO for your business area at both a global and local level. We supplement this with up-to-date know-how procured directly from our local experts. Crucially, however, our SEO training provision does not rely on technical knowledge alone. We endeavor to prepare use cases with direct relevance for your day-to-day business and to present these in a simple and easily understandable way. As a result, you and your team gain exactly the SEO tools you need to continually enhance the success of your international web presence.

What do you want to know?

Custom workshop content that meets your business’s needs

We tailor our content and method of delivery to you

We strive to meet the unique demands of our customers. Just as all companies and their circumstances are different, no two of our SEO training workshops are ever the same. If, for example, you are a medium-sized enterprise (SME) seeking to work more digitally, your needs are very specific. Similarly, if you a young start-up or a multinational corporation with a complex organisational structure, the training provision must be an exact fit. This is why we tailor our international SEO workshops precisely to your requirements – in regard to both content and method of delivery. Our workshops are customized based on the existing knowledge of your teams and/or the special requirements of individual departments or national subsidiaries.

Modular SEO know-how for beginners and advanced users

Want to book an SEO workshop that equips you, your colleagues and teams with basic SEO skills? We’ll tailor our content precisely to your needs by introducing you gradually to fundamental principles and accompanying you as you take your first ‘SEO steps’. Equally, if your marketing department is already well acquainted with SEO and wants to specialize further, we’ll prepare your SEO seminar with this background in mind. Whether you’re looking to optimize your strategy, undertake technical optimization at the source code level or or overhaul your social media presence: our SEO workshops are not only rooted in extensive technical expertise, but are flexible in terms of their content. Using modular training units or sessions designed your around individual challenges and goals, we’ll design the SEO training provision that exactly fits your needs. As we do so, our particular focus is on the international aspect of SEO. This means that our workshops are ideally suited for businesses that are multilingual and internationally active or are planning to be so in the future.

Mix & match

Benefit from an international SEO workshop designed just for you

Looking for in-depth expertise in link optimization, content, lead generation or multilingual SEO? Seeking support for the international SEO relaunch of your website? We’ll configure a bespoke SEO workshop that allows us to meet your team exactly where they are.


Frequently asked questions

How can an international SEO workshop support your business?

Any business wishing to compete successfully in international markets should consider seeking specialist support. At MONDIS, trusted experts deliver SEO know-how to your business and support you in analyzing your (often widely disparate) future target markets. Through conversation and mutual exchange, areas of potential can be identified and initial targeted measures developed to prepare your company for a newly international focus.

What content can I expect from an international SEO workshop?

Our SEO workshops are designed on an individual basis, since each business typically starts with a different situation and level of knowledge. That said, there are certain elements that are analyzed and discussed in all workshops. These include a briefing on keyword research, a qualitative and quantitative review of existing content, and measures for determining an appropriate SEO strategy and implementation approach.

What is the primary aim of an SEO workshop?

When conducting search engine optimization, the most important goal is to recognize and satisfy the intent of users. As our SEO workshops explain, keywords arise directly from the terms and questions users enter in relation to your service or product. This knowledge gives rise to your keyword strategy. The next step is to produce content incorporating your most important keywords, enabling you to achieve top rankings for these terms. You’ll learn how to check whether your measures are achieving the desired results.

Do SEO workshops cater for both beginners and advanced SEO practitioners?

When designing our international SEO workshops, we configure content based on your current level of knowledge. SEO beginners learn the basics of keyword research, content creation for users and search engines, the optimal use of titles and meta-descriptions and the basics of image SEO. More advanced participants might work with SEO tools (e.g. Google Search Console or Ahrefs), explore the use of internal links or identify options for technical optimization. When these measures are used in combination with conversion optimization, your business or product will be well placed to achieve measurable results.

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