International SEO for Festo

Festo is a global leader in automation technology as well as the world market leader in technical education and training. Its goal is to facilitate maximum productivity and competitiveness for customers in factory and process automation. For Festo, it is crucial that the business be represented in all global markets via a state-of-the-art website. As part of the relaunch of this website, MONDIS supported Festo with the rollout of a new set of international keywords. In particular, the goal was to incorporate all (global and local) corporate and product messages into an intelligent keyword strategy.

International SEO for the global Festo website: a glimpse at the new Festo website for the US

Our task: international SEO in more than 15 languages

With more than 250 branches in 61 countries worldwide, Festo is a truly international company. Accordingly, the rollout of its new website and integrated online shop demanded an SEO-optimized approach. As lead agency for the SEO rollout, MONDIS’ task was to provide ongoing support to Festo, including by ensuring optimal localization of content. All rollout processes were to be planned and the operational elements of local SEO implemented. Among other things, this included the creation of a comprehensive international SEO glossary to aid in the production of keyword-optimized translations.

Our solution: a centrally managed rollout of the SEO strategy

As a globally successful automation specialist, Festo required well-thought-out international rollout processes. In MONDIS’ view, the solution to this challenge lay in a centrally managed rollout integrating all local partners. Prior to the start of the project, Festo had analyzed its existing website content and defined a global keyword cluster that could be adapted to local needs in the target markets. Working exclusively with native SEO experts in the target countries for all local keyword research, MONDIS devised an efficient keyword rollout process. The process involved close coordination between local MONDIS SEO experts and Festo marketing managers in the target markets. It facilitated an internationally coherent keyword strategy that takes account of national search preferences.

The result: globally and locally optimized content

Our goal as project parter was to develop optimally localized SEO terminology with maximum potential for international search engine optimization. For the global and local adaptation of the content, we established strategic guidelines including a comprehensive international SEO glossary. An SEO-driven approach has the power to sustainably increase website traffic. By doing do, it promotes the longer-term generation of valuable leads and acquisition of new customers in all target markets.