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Capture markets in Europe or worldwide with a website optimized according to international SEO principles! As an international SEO agency, MONDIS works with you to develop a holistic international SEO strategy that precisely fits your company’s needs – from comprehensive advice on technical elements and the keyword and content strategy to custom global and local SEO measures.

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„Countries differ not only in terms of their linguistic, economic and cultural characteristics, but in terms of the search habits of local target groups. Because of this, international SEO is essential for the creation of a successful international website.”

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Michael Quast
Managing Partner MONDIS
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Boost your business with the know-how of an international SEO agency

Tap global markets efficiently with superior international SEO consulting

Are you looking to tap new markets and target groups abroad? Have you taken your first steps in international markets, but haven’t yet been able to establish a firm foothold? In the digital age, a well-functioning international web presence is a vital foundation for international expansion – whether you’re seeking to raise global awareness of your brand with a company website or sell your products worldwide via an e-commerce shop. To ensure that your online presence is visible and findable from anywhere in the world, it is vital to carry out effective international search engine optimization in all target markets. As an international SEO agency, MONDIS can advise and support you on your journey to successfully establishing your business in global markets.

The first step: analyzing the status quo and your international SEO goals

To determine your baseline and goals, we kick off the SEO consulting process with a comprehensive series of questions. As an SEO international agency, we first seek to understand what makes you and your business ‘tick’. What do you see as your international goals? Which target groups are you seeking to reach? In which contexts and for which use cases do potential customers search for your products? How do your customer groups differ across different international settings? In addition to this series of questions, we also examine the technical status quo of your website. This enables us to determine what you need to do to establish yourself as a global brand.

Technology, content & backlinks are crucial for international SEO

As soon as your SEO international strategy is in place, the next step is to consider the technical requirements for multinational expansion. An important goal is to ensure that different search engines in the international markets always display the right content to users in the right language. With regard to international technical SEO, it is also important that the right domain structure is defined. For SEO to work, also the content on your international website must be right: after all, not every topic that works well in your home market will also be relevant in your target countries. In addition, it is important to generate valuable local backlinks in each target market via sustainable offpage measures. Broadly speaking, this means that an international SEO strategy is based on three pillars. On the one side, you need a differentiated package of technical and content-based search engine optimization measures; on the other, you need a well thought-out approach to content marketing. Our mission as an international SEO agency is to ensure that all pillars are equally effective – locally as well as globally, in each target market.

Key advantages of international search engine marketing:

  • It enables you to offer your products and services for sale internationally via an effective multilingual website, maximizing your revenue.
  • It enables your international website or global online shop to be found and ranked favorably by relevant search engines in your target markets.
  • It enables you to efficiently target a diverse range of target markets simultaneously.
  • It enables significant increases in the traffic, leads and conversion rate of your international website.
  • It enables you to rise to the top of all locally relevant search engines using ongoing optimization (technical, language and content-based).
  • It affords you a clear competitive advantage through strong positioning in your key international markets.

Four common SEO international errors

  • Keywords from the home market are translated word-for-word by a translation agency without specialist SEO expertise.
  • Independent keyword research is conducted for each country with the help of native-speaking SEO experts on the ground.
  • Non SEO-optimized content from the home market is distributed worldwide and translated without regard for SEO objectives.
  • Globally relevant master content is optimized before being localized by local SEO translators. This is supplemented with the production of original local content.
  • The same content is used for several countries with the same language (e.g. English), but necessary precautions are not taken to avoid duplicate content.
  • Content is translated into local languages. hreflang tags are used to clearly specify languages and countries, allowing search engines to map the content appropriately.
  • Poorly thought-out combinations of country-specific top level domains and subdomains are used in target markets.
  • A well thought-out global domain concept is created. The structure is tailored according to the use case.
International SEO

Our top agency tips

Determine an optimized set of keywords per target country prior to the international SEO rollout

Separate keyword research should be carried out for each individual target country on the basis of the master keywords. From our perspective as an international SEO agency, it is essential that the determined keywords work well in the search engines of the target markets. They should have sufficient search volume locally and, where possible, be not too competitive. Of course, they must also convey the desired meaning. This should be checked and ensured by local, native-speaking SEO experts by cross-referencing them with the master set. The same applies later for translations of website text.

Define globally relevant content and supplement it for local markets where meaningful

For example, as part of a holistic international SEO consultation for an online shop, we might work with you to define a core, globally relevant section of your product range or catalogue. This core range should then be made available in all target countries. In addition, the most important overarching brand and product messages should be determined. This set of global marketing messages can then be communicated across all your target markets as your ‘global content’. All other components of your content are of country-specific relevance and are defined as local content.

Every content marketing topic must be reviewed for local SEO suitability

In a Western European country, you will typically be permitted to advertise your product with rather liberal motifs and messages. These will most likely be meet with rejection in an Arab country, if not outright prohibited. Insurance and financial services must be communicated completely differently depending on customs in the target markets. As part of the SEO consulting process, we take precise account of which of your content can be rolled out globally and where local adaptations are required. To this end, our native-speaking SEO experts check each individual topic within a defined set of globally relevant master content for its local suitability for a target market.

Remember to initiate local link building in the target market

In addition to the many international on-page optimization meaures already mentioned, the external linking of your website continues to be an internationally significant ranking criterion in SEO. As such, international link building as an aspect of off-page SEO is an important component of a comprehensive international SEO strategy. With country-specific backlinks, it is possible to gradually build a favorable link profile for a local website. An essential prerequisite for this is the provision of country-specific, high-quality, target group-oriented content. Such content can ensure that a favorable link profile is gradually established almost of its own volition because people like to link to ‘good’ content. If you’re looking to build up your link profile on target market websites more quickly, active link building can be carried out with the corresponding financial investment. Whichever approach you choose, specific links must be acquired for each country. These should be links from trustworthy link partners whose websites are based in the target country and whose URLs contain the corresponding country domain. This is the only way to achieve local link power with sustained SEO benefits.

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