Terminology management for Volkswagen

For an internationally renowned carmaker like Volkswagen, it’s of fundamental importance that all brand and product messages are communicated in a coherent fashion at the global level while also being understood and accepted locally. In particular, the ever closer degree of digital networking between the product and service worlds demands clear and easily understandable terminology.

Terminology management for Volkswagen: an excerpt from the process diagram for coordinating translations across more than 30 international markets.

Our task: unified terminology management in 30 languages

We’re proud of our collaboration with Volkswagen. MONDIS was requested to develop a unified terminology management system for terms in 30 languages, to be used in the automotive group’s innovative Car-Net technology. Our responsibilities included the design and management of future translation and coordination processes and the long-term assurance of consistent terminology translations across all front-ends. Maximum consideration was to be given to customer needs and local market conditions at every step of the process. How could glossaries be localized efficiently in so many different languages?

Our solution: software-driven translation and market coordination

We focus consistently on pursuing the best possible solutions and working in accordance with customer wishes. This requires a deep understanding of our customers and their requirements. To this end, we work with all stakeholders to analyze the existing process landscape, allowing us to identify suitable solutions. For the translation of terminology, we settled on an approach with consolidated workflows and maximum process automation. Finally, we determined the requirements and oversaw the design of an online application for efficient coordination of translation work.

The result: coherent terminology, maximum customer acceptance

In the next stage, the developers were able to start work on the basis of our custom concept. The development of the solution was managed according to Agile methodology, allowing us to ensure a highly efficient workflow. While the completion of the online application was – of course – a key milestone, we deemed it equally important that the customer would be able to derive long-term benefits from all aspects of the solution. To this end, we organised intensive training for all relevant stakeholders. We instructed the teams in the operation and workflow of the new tool, monitored all project steps and took over responsibility for overall coordination and communication. Volkswagen now enjoys the benefits of a globally coherent terminology management solution with a regularly growing inventory.